Premarital Accounts – Calculate Marital and Nonmarital Shares

Premarital Accounts Calculator Marital and Nonmarital Shares

As the collaborative practice divorce team develops options for allocating the nonmarital and marital value of accounts one party brought into the marriage, the team may find this calculator useful.

To use the calculator, fill in the year (YYYY), month (MM), and day (DD) the owner began the plan, married, and separated and other possible proposed valuation date being considered.  Fill in the corresponding balances as of the date of marriage, date of separation, and proposed valuation date ($.$) and dollar amounts of growth during various phases (e.g., between the date of marriage and date of separation).  Fill in the owner’s additional post-separation contributions, if any.

Option 1 uses the separation date and a “coverture fraction” to allocate the marital and nonmarital pieces.  Option 2 uses a proposed different date (for example, the date of the most recent statement) and the “coverture fraction” to allocate the marital and nonmarital pieces.  The coverture fraction is the time the owner spouse owned the account during the marriage through the date of separation divided by the total time the account was owned.*

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